Cartboard Edge Protector

What are the advantages of cardboard edge protector?

  • Increase the stability of the pallet load
  • Prevent possible crashes and scatters during transportation
  • Both vertical and horizontal usage protects the load from outer mechanical forces by covering the load edges and corners
  • Prevent possible tight strapping tension damages to a load when applied understrapping
  • Fix the loads vertical and horizontal form that gives more available space.

Printing: Company names, logos, and advertisements can be printed on Edge protectors up to 4 colors. It can be produced in all colors you need( on request).

Please, contact us for the requested quality, color, and dimension.

A (mm) B1 (mm) B2 (mm) C (mm)
50-6000 30 30 2-6
35 35
40 40
45 45 2-10
50 50
55 55
60 60
65 65
70 70
75 75
80 80
85 85
90 90
95 95
100 100


Increases the durability pallet loading , crushed and scattered stocks of packaged product during transport and prevents damage.
Protects vertical,horizontal corners and upper edges. Increases the vertical transport resistance.
During the transport and stock, 2 or 3 pallette saves space giving the possibility to put on top.
During strapping products and prevents damage to the product packaging.
Increasing the vertical resistance of corrugated boxes,boxes of dissolution, the product prevents damage.