Corrugated Box


  • Kraft, White and Testliner
  • Die Cut Box
  • American Folding Box (A-Box)
  • Printing up to 3 colors
E ( Flute ) 1,45
B ( Flute ) 2,85
C ( Flute ) 3,85
B+E ( Mikro Dopel ) Flute 4,25
C+B ( Dopel ) Flute 6,60
A+C+B ( Triplex ) Flute 11,00

The Advantages of Corrugated Cardboard

  • Lightweight and economical
  • 100% recyclable, eco-friendly
  • Modern and reliable
  • Its uniformity within the installed material provides storage and transportation ease without damaging the load
  • Unique designs can support requested sizes and quality exactly

A) American Folding Box (Classic Product Packaging  Box/American Box)

The most commonly used type of boxes due to its strength and ease of stocking and usage. Filling takes place from above and flaps would be covered mostly with a tape.

Please,contact us for the requested  quality ,printing (brand name, logo etc.) and dimension.

B) Laminated Box

Our range of laminated corrugated boxes provides excellent visibility for the products as customised by customers' specific designed colorings and prints.

Please,contact us for the requested  quality ,printing (brand name,logo) and design.

C) (Cardboard) Produce Trays / (Cardboard) Produce Boxes

Easy to carry, light and stackable, easy assembly, reusable and recyclable products increases loads' pre-cooling thanks to its ventile holes at the sides which makes them practical, economic and sturdy solution for transporting and storing vegetables, fruits and flowers. Printing on produce tray makes the appearance more vivid and works as advertising tool with brand names,logos.

Please, contact us  for the requested  quality  and printing ( brand name, logo).